April 6 prompt: Stormy letter

One advantage of writing a letter poem is knowing to whom you’re speaking. You can get really specific. Two examples are Richard Hugo’s letter poems (here’s one) and Hayden Carruth’s letter to Sam Hamill.

Yesterday and today, though, we’re mixing that up by not writing to a person or even a group of people.

Today’s prompt is to write a letter to the weather. It can be a love letter, it can be a rant. It can be a thank you letter.

(While thinking about this prompt, I realized that I don’t think of sunshine as weather but as the absence of weather, even though we’ll say the weather is good.)

I did not find an example of a letter to weather or any one sort of storm, but I did find this poem by Rachel Dunham.

First tip: When you’re writing a letter, it can be tricky to balance what the reader needs to know with what the recipient already knows. If you’re recounting a shared encounter, the approach changes, right?

Second tip: Bethany Reid alerted me to another great prompt source. Chris Jarmick is posting enticing prompts at his Poetry Is Everything blog.

Happy writing!