Gratitude with honeysuckle

When the back yard was a riot of roses, the honeysuckle was shadowed over, barely a bloom each year, one withered vine barely winding its escape from the thorny canes. But my daughter cut those roses out mostly, and with all that new sun, the honeysuckle sweetly surges. It’s a good reminder: Sometimes we need a little more light.

honeysuckle blooming

I’ve been feeling like I need more light–even in these gloriously long days. I thought of when I used to post a weekly gratitude journal, and it seemed a good practice to return to. Not just the private morning gratitude in my journals, but a thankfulness shared. Daily, if I can do it. One small thing, maybe with a photo, maybe a link to a poem.

Today, it’s the honeysuckle blooming. And the poem is The Daylight is Huge, by Amy MacLennan.

What’s brought you joy today?