Rye diary: Days eleven, twelve, and thirteen

I confess that I spend all day watching the rye stir and lean in each slight breeze. But it’s when I zoom in, pay close attention, that I notice the changes.

Here is the rye on June 29. You can see that small grains are beginning to form.

It’s hard to see (apologies on my lack of photography skills), but on July 6, the kernels are becoming plumper, so that the surface is bumpier, less tidy.

Now some of the rye is falling over, and some of it has aphids. The seamy, seedy (!) side of the patch. But this evening, I spotted one ladybug, a small red gem.

And that is my reward for close attention. I’ve been reading about how close attention can lead to reverie. In my case, I’m hoping for stronger, more startling metaphors. In the meantime, I get practice looking, and the joy, occasionally, of seeing.