An anniversary and acceptance

Today marks one month that I’ve been officially between jobs and looking for the next one. Yikes!

You might have thought this post is about accepting change. I guess it could be about that, too. My approach to change is to accept it and move on quickly. “Just get over it.” But I want to talk about other acceptances.

Jeannine Hall Gailey writes about looking for a sign from the Universe, in which the Universe says something like “yes, you must keep writing.” I imagine a big billboard or an inbox stuffed with acceptances from poetry journals. I admit that when my job ended, I, too, was looking for that sign, hoping the Universe would say, “Yes, keep writing your poems.”

I’m still looking. (I’ve gotten some rejections, sure–but should I take that as a sign? No, unless it’s a sign to keep trying and crafting and revising and learning.)

But I’m also expanding my definition of “acceptance.” I’ve received much kindness offers of recommendations or references from friends during the past few weeks. That feels like acceptance.

I’ve received a really nice blurb for my next book and another blurb in the works and a book launch date. All those are a kind of acceptance. Also, many nice comments about my new author photo (making me blush). And I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from my family to keep writing. That’s important.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped me keep going, looking, and learning during the past month. Thank you for being my signs.

What signs do you look for?

And then you get an acceptance

A friend often reminds me that every “no” gets you closer to a “yes.” Wise words.

After my disappointment/moping/whining/etc. over that one rejection, I’ve received two acceptances.

Such bounty, for which I’m grateful. And yet another reminder to keep perspective. A reminder to keep sending poems out (no one sees them if they’re in a digital drawer.)

It also reminds me of how much poetry can make my feel like I’m still in high school. Dance often made me feel the same way.