Big Poetry Giveaway 2018!

poetry giveaway image of books

Update! The names have been drawn and the books, finally, have been sent. My thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Poetry month and that you’re still writing!


Yes, it’s National Poetry Month!

And yes, there’s another Big Poetry Giveaway! Many thanks to Andrea Blythe for hosting the giveaway this year.

It’s easy: Add your name by commenting on this post, and you’ll be entered to win one of two poetry books:

The Book of Endings, National Book Award finalist, by Leslie Harrison

The Scene You See, hot off the presses, by me

In the meantime–write, revise, celebrate!

Big Poetry Giveaway 2015 (closed)



I hope you had a great Poetry Month. Now, it’s May, and the winners are listed here.


Yes, it’s that time again–Poetry month and another Big Poetry Giveaway. Many thanks to Kelli for starting and continuing this tradition.

Here’s how it works: Leave a comment on this post any time during the month of April, and you’ll be entered to win one of two books.

The books

My book In Both Hands.
From the back of the book: “In her collection In Both Hands, Joannie Stangeland relentlessly, relentlessly constructs a mythopoetic world that is persistently doubled. Persistently broken. And filled with a very quiet violence. It’s not that Stangeland doesn’t love our world, but its stories “crumble under surf.” Its gods and ghosts won’t go away. And its reflections, doppelgangers, palimpsests, and halves make us ask, again and again: Is this a book of healing–or is this book a rending. It is perfectly and painfully both–“The sky” she tells us” mends itself. At the seam between worlds.” — Sarah Vap

Reading Novalis in Montana, by Melissa Kwasny.

I chose this book because it both took my breath and gave it back.

From the back of the book: “Melissa Kwasny’s work serves as a brilliant tonic, reminding us of the essential gravitas of poems of distinction. Hers present a richly textured surface and a deeply thought interior, and have a compass that deftly mingles the scholarly page with beauticians’ hopes and tobacco pouches; a naturalist’s tight focus with the wide gaze of a woman of the world; a lyricist’s gifts with a philosopher’s understandings. This is the real-deal stuff.” — Albert Goldbarth

To see a list of other sites that are giving away books for the Big Poetry Giveaway, visit Kelli’s blog.

And if you want to be a giver in the Big Poetry Giveaway, check out the guidelines.

A bit about me…

I’ve been working on my current manuscript for more than four years, which is better than not working on it.

I write slowly.

I often wish I were a visual artist, but then I want to spend my time working on poems.

I have several prose projects that haven’t gotten too far (I always want to get back to poetry).

I have a secret chocolate stash.

My husband has a winery and sometimes I help him, but I haven’t written much about wine. Instead, I drink the wine.

During April, I’ll post daily writing exercises. In other years, I’ve posted daily prompts–but trying to finish a poem in one day is too fast for me.

Big Poetry Giveway winners

It’s the first of May and we have winners.

Congratulations go to Allyson Whipple, who won a copy of In Both Hands, and Margo Roby, who won a copy of The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart, by Gabriella Calvocoressi.

I hope everyone had a wonderful April filled with poetry reading, hearing, and writing.

Time for a nap.

Big Poetry Giveaway 2014

big poetry giveaway 2014

Gosh, I was so focused on planning prompts for April that I almost forgot about the Big Poetry Giveaway! Many thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon for hosting/continuing this tradition, and thanks to Elizabeth Austen for the reminder.

But it’s okay, because you have until the end of April 30th to enter.

What I’ll be giving away:

In Both Hands, my new book of poems from Ravenna Press. Kelli’s instructions include the option of talking about writing process–and, to me, this book is a lot about process. (I’m happy to chat craft and process at any time.) Poems in sections (aggregation and then cutting–juxtaposition), prose poems, crazy map poems with six beats per line–with a few “straight-forward” poems for balance.

The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart, by Gabriella Calvocoressi. I’ve read many fine poetry books so far, so it’s hard to choose. But this book did indeed knock me on my ass, in the best way.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post before midnight PDT April 30th. On May 1st, I’ll put all the names in a box and ask my husband to draw two. You could be one of the winners.

Then visit Book of Kells to see the whole list of people giving away books. And if you want to join in the giving away, you can get all the details there.

The Big Poetry Giveway, update

Stack of poetry books

The two winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who participated. And a big thank you to Susan Rich for curating this year’s Big Poetry Giveaway.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Poetry Month, with lots of poems and writing and learning about new poets, new books.

Rumor has it that May is short story month. What will you be writing in May?