Loving the old, loving the new

It’s been a while since I ventured into this blog space—and halfway through my thesis year might seem like an odd time to start. But it’s the beginning of another year, and beginnings encourage beginnings.

Looking back, I just completed a December poetry challenge, and wrote 30 drafts of new poems (taking Christmas Day off). It was fun and nourishing to be a part of that writing community for the month. Looking forward, one of my wishes for you, and for me, is for community throughout this year.

Writing a poem a day gave me ample opportunity to work on assignments for school, and one of those was to write a duplex, a form invented by Jericho Brown. The first line of his poem is “I believe in love, hoping to end there.” I repeated that line over and over—it was both my anchor and my engine through the holiday season. And it seems perfect when thinking of beginnings–how we start a year, and what we hope to experience and accomplish before the year’s end.

Read the whole poem, Duplex (I Begin with Love). And best wishes, with green and light, for this new year.