Friday inspiration, with running and a dash of happiness

Mount Rainier, from Pike Place Market

A song on a sunny morning

Take Up Your Spade, by Sara Watkins

Tools for resolutions

Kelli Russell Agodon posted an article about successful resolutions. This was my favorite part:

“What is the outcome you want? What stands in your way? How do you overcome these obstacles? These three simple questions will keep you from being victimized by any situation. Creators change the world. Victims just bitch about stuff.”

A look at creativity

I love it when people write about creativity. I devour it.

Copyblogger posts about 5 Lessons in Creativity from
the Return of Ze Frank. And when Ze Frank talks about creativity…

Another look at happiness

People are working on a new way to measure happiness–the wealth of well-being beyond the GDP.

One way to learn

Penelope Trunk talks about self-awareness:

“I wonder, what is the thing I don’t understand about myself today? I don’t want to take twenty years to figure it out every time. So I started looking for areas where I look like I don’t belong.”

And from the Dream Department

Last night, I dreamed I was running. Ever since I ran the 5K in October, I sometimes dream I’m running. Last night, I was running another 5K–and I felt good! I realized I wasn’t panting, crazy out of breath. But the course was twice around a loop and the second time was boring, plus I kept having to stop to get rid of a jacket or some other detail, and I realized my time would be worse than the last. But then I bumped into Pat Nixon, who was wearing a bright red silk blouse. And I excused myself and kept running, but I ended up at someone’s house (it wasn’t the Nixons’) and while the husband was asking if people wanted a cocktail (something that started with “s” but didn’t sound like Sazarac), I called Betty Ford on the phone. She asked why I was calling her, and I said I wanted to thank her. She still wasn’t sure… Then we sat down in the parlor, and a tiny dog (think of the smallest poodle you’ve ever seen) brought me a toy to throw, but the husband said he didn’t like that toy because it got all over the house and he handed me chew-toy bone and I threw the dog a bone.

The inspiration?

Running and Betty Ford.

Happy Friday!