Gratitude for small things and water

Yes, water is a theme–and I’ve been always more grateful since our summer and winter of drought.

This morning, walking across the bridge, I saw the goslings again, and I hoped I would see ducklings. A little further down the path, I did! They were too tiny and too quick, zipping behind the log where the turtle sunned, and I could not catch my breath fast enough to get a photo.

At home in the garden, I checked up on the tomatoes and was amazed by their tiny fur. At first I thought it might be a mildew, or some kind of spit bug. Up close, just hundreds of fine bristles.

tomato plants

Later, Tom suggested we go to the Ivar’s barge for dinner. We found parking, and we found a table by the water. Plus fish and chips.

kayak on lake union

For your summer evening reading pleasure by the water or not, here is Petition, by K.A. Hayes.