A break, in the blue

More from Hawaii…

path to the green sand beach
The path down to the green sand beach

The road to the green sand beach is about 8 miles from the highway. The path to the beach, meandering, another 2-3 miles (depending on your information). Sun, wind, and no shade.

A very nice couple from St. Louis offered us rides part of the way each way. We gratefully accepted their offer. (I’d wanted to walk the whole way–and did not bring anywhere near enough water.)

Green sand
The green sand doesn't look so green--but you can chalk it up to my photography
Rock formations
Rock formations on the east side (I think, or north) of the green sand beach
Yellow flower
Closer to the hotel...
Naupaka flower
A naupaka flower--each bloom is only half (now there's a metaphor...)

Gratitude in the middle of the blue

I am thankful for having lived another year and feeling lucky for that.

I am thankful that the Komen foundation reversed its decision and returned to supporting Planned Parenthood.

I am thankful for Planned Parenthood.

And I am really thankful for all the people who spoke up, spoke out, and made the difference.

I am thankful for writing and for ideas about writing.

I am thankful for people who focus with dedication on their craft–on learning and improving. Thank you for setting that example, that inspiration.

I am thankful to be here (and to be able to see whale spouts from our balcony).

Hawaii water and palm trees
An anchialine fish pond and the ocean beyond
Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms at the Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival
Drummers at the Cherry Blossom Festival