Friday inspiration: Jack

Yesterday, Standup Poetry Guy Jack McCarthy died.

A light. A life lived well. And shared beautifully. An inspiration.

I first remembered meeting Jack on a magical night when he and Martha Silano and I read at Edmonds Bookshop. I remember he read this:

But this past spring, again reading together at Edmonds Bookshop, Jack reminded me of the time we’d met years before that, at Scott’s in Mount Vernon. I don’t think he introduced himself. We just talked about short and long poems.

Recently, on a sunny Sunday afternoon when I turned on the car radio, I heard this wonderful, soothing, familiar voice–and it was Jack! On Snap Judgment.

I feel grateful for the times I got to hear him read. I’d been thinking about him, hoping to hear him again.

My heart goes out to his wife, to all his family.

To Jack McCarthy, thank you.