Getting the word out, redux

Kelli Russell Agodon posted about friends promoting each other’s books–instead of sending mail out about their own.


If I feel a little too brash saying “Please buy my book,” I am delighted to recommend someone else’s.

Starting with PLUME, by Kathleen Flenniken. This is my favorite new poetry book of 2012–a book I think everyone should read. It’s our history, it’s government, it’s the nuclear age and all the risks and consequences involved, written by someone who grew up in its middle. But not just any someone. Such a skilled poet, Kathleen Flenniken leads you through the placid streets, lets you meet the people who live there, and detonates the past. (I especially love the redactions.)

Don’t take my word for it. Read PLUME.

Update: Here’s an interview of Kathleen Flenniken by John W. Marshall.

I’d wanted to post a list–my 10 favorite books for the year (new or not so new). But I’m so far behind on my reading (not to mention all things holidays).

Another good resolution for next year: Keep a list and keep reading more.

P.S. I said I’d post once about Into the Rumored Spring and no other marketing, shameless self-promotion, what-have you. But the other day I picked up a copy of  my earlier book, Weathered Steps from Rose Alley Press. It’s a decade old now–it almost feels like it was written by someone else (!). Here are some tastes:

It wasn’t the oil, green as a river,
sheaves of wheat recalling
late afternoon gold,

nor the dusk-colored grapes,
the wine with its stain
of forgetting, swallowing light.


We come to the apothecary
of lost intentions,
look for rhumb lines, azimuths to guide us,
a thesaurus of plain destinations.