With wolves and vodka

pamphletI once heard a manager say that no one ever likes the authoring software that they have to use.

Do you ever get frustrated with the tools that you’re using? Especially if you’re dog-fooding (a tech term that means you’re using the software while it’s being developed; guinea-pigging might be a more accurate image).

In 2009, I was in that situation. At the same time, I learned that prose poetry was tied to the surrealists. As I sat at my desk pressing F5 and Enter again and again, I thought, “This is pretty surreal.”

Influenced mightily by The Master and Margarita, I started to write prose poems with a black cat, a flying pig, bugs playing poker, invalid dependencies, malformed relationships, schools of one and zero fish, servers melting, trains leaving the station, wolves, and vodka.

I’d write them on the bus on my way to work, type them up, and tape them to the relight–that hallway window next to my office door.

Now, Ravenna Press has published a selection of those prose poems in A Piece of Work, part of its Artifakta pamphlet series. A quick read, a little relief from the snarl of stalled productivity, for just $2.50. Enjoy!

(Check out the other fun pamphlets in the series.)

New website for Ravenna Press!

Ravenna Press launched their new website–complete with sumptuous images (from the covers! I could just sit and watch the slide show–in fact, I might) and a shopping cart, so it’s easy to buy lots of books!

Really, it’s so beautiful, I must go shopping.

And there are many to recommend. I’ll start with Graffito, Melancholia (An Essay), and Traveling with Primates. Click around for them, and who knows what else you’ll find? (Maybe a hotel!)

P.S. Here’s the new page for Into the Rumored Spring.